Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lucinda Clutterbuck and Smith

 As a digital immigrant one makes the normal amount of mistakes that any immigrant makes. One has to learn the culture and the language and one can suffer from foot in mouth disease.
I have to admit that not all my friends realise that I created a tulpa without realising what I was doing.

 I thought I created the character of Smith when I became a parent and brought out my hand puppet to show my children but actually he had been there a long time before that.

I made stories, I made pictures and I even asked questions of Smith and gradually he turned into something over which I must relinquish control because other people have projected their own ideas on him.

I think he is a tulpa.....
A tulpa:  It is a materialized thought that has taken physical form and is usually regarded as synonymous to a thoughtform. (Wikipedia).
I find it unnerving and yet I have been compelled to continue with my Smith experiences. In my endeavours to learn the new world I may have inadvertently been a cyber pest. I may have sent friend requests to people I didn't know by indiscriminate clicking! 

I have been an immigrant in the real world when I lived in France in my youth and I know how awkward and rude I must have seemed to some.

So in my digital learning I will always only be a digital immigrant and as such I hope to be brave enough to continue even though I may make gaffs and will probably still click all the wrong buttons in my efforts to develop what my mentor calls "a web presence".

Smith still has something left to say and I welcome your interventions.

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