Thursday, September 1, 2016

Eclectic Bird Films Invitation

Eclectic Bird Connections Experimental Film Night.

DATE of the event runs: 
Thursday 29th September 2016, 6.00 pm for screening at 7 pm.

TIME the event runs:
6.00 Films screen at 7 pm sharp.

COST to attend the event:


TRAVEL BETTER • BUS 305, 308, 309, 310 • TRAIN Redfern Station RIDE WALK

The Piccolo Films Eclectic Bird Connections Experimental Film Night.

9 extraordinary films in the presence of the artists. Emcee: Hayden Wright from Garden Street Boys and special guest Rob Hirst. 
Expect the unexpected: an unusual night of animated and experimantal films, live music video, and improvised film screened in the presence of the film makers and artists, Films will screening at 7 pm sharp. 
Special Guests Hayden Wright from Garden Street Boys and Robert Hirst.Followed by Q&A withthe film makers.

Animator and installation artist Lucinda Clutterbuck has curated an unusual night of animated and experimantal films from Australian Film makers and artists. The films will be introduced by emcee Hayden Wright from the Garden Street Boys and presented to the audience by each film maker. The event  will be followed by a Q and A with the film makers and artists. The event starts at 6 pm with the Films screening at 7 pm sharp. 
The films are themed to be part of Bird Connections exhibition which runs from Wednesday 28th September until 9th October 2016 and includes poetry, performance and installation  and other events such as the Agar Dish Bird Edition on the 5th October.
The artists involved in this collaborative event range from young to old. The oldest artist being Suzanne Clutterbuck 95 year old mother of two of the artists and grandmother of the youngest artist 22 year old Lewis Argall who will be presenting an evolving kinetic sculpture with Nikola Malbasic.

Daydream  by Yilan He
Rise and Shine  by Dominika Anggraeni
Give Up Your Shoes - Mamas China. by Rachel Argall
Performance film clip by Robert & Gabriella Hirst and Lucinda Clutterbuck
Dawn Chorus by Sal Cooper
It’s Like That by the Southern Ladies Animation Group
Experimantal animation by Pamela Lee Brenner
Willy Wagtail by Lucinda & Suzanne Clutterbuck
Winged work in progress by Lewis Argall and Nikola Malbasic

Monday, June 29, 2015

Smith ZIne page 1

I thought the Zine Fair at the MCA would be a Beatnik, Dada, cool affair. I went with an open heart... and a shit load of zines: hand stitched and printed at home. It all started really well with Ziners swapping and chatting. Six thousand people were supposed to come through. So for a three day event that meant 2 thousand per day. I imagined, as always, a wonderful and miraculous day where each person had thirty dollars worth of gold coins in their pockets which they would spend in a veritable frenzy of financial bliss on the zines. An economy based on 2000 x 30 seemed hopeful. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ok so I was out of action for a while... The problem is time.... Time is different for cats. I was fishing for sardines and while I was busy a lot of things changed... Like did some humans say they were the leaders of the free world? Oh really? Have they not heard that the leader of the free world is a cat. Not just one cat but all cats... And by the way cats can't use guns. So if they go to churches they usually just hang out and rub against peoples legs, or maybe sleep, or maybe purr.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No mans land Smith

.../\/\/\/\.....  No man's land. Is where the wild ones hang out. It is where you are allowed to dream and curse. Where you are allowed to express the blasphemous thoughts. You can be a heretic... Not like in Tudor times when you were hung drawn and quartered before they chopped your head off.../\/\/\.... I for one would have been burnt at the stake and I am not even a radical. Perhaps my thinking leans towards radical... but who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? .../\/\/\/\..... I think in no mans land you can let what lurks out.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Night is Dark

Social media sux big time... A necessary evil in the world. What would happen if the y2k bug really did happen? Would we know what to do? I mean its great to instagram... but if they try to say they own my ideas? My images? They can go take a flying leap? And if they have a fair share... or what ever they call it. Common ground? Common sense? WTF? and talking and lolling, OMG peeps look it up in the google.
Sure I am a digital immigrant. And sure I like it here but some times I am tired and the night is dark.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The first Smith

It all started so long ago when I was just a baby. I loved cats, I loved to draw and I was given my Smith puppet.
My real live cat was called Smith. I guess he was Black Smith coz he was black.
He had a short and magical life, it must have been his ninth life because he did not come back as a flesh and blood cat, he came back as a hand puppet who is still with me.
I have always loved the spirits which inhabit toys and dolls. I am not sure what part of my brain would light up in neuro imaging when I am communing with these spirits but I don't think Richard Dawkins would be too keen on my manifestations.