Monday, June 29, 2015

Smith ZIne page 1

I thought the Zine Fair at the MCA would be a Beatnik, Dada, cool affair. I went with an open heart... and a shit load of zines: hand stitched and printed at home. It all started really well with Ziners swapping and chatting. Six thousand people were supposed to come through. So for a three day event that meant 2 thousand per day. I imagined, as always, a wonderful and miraculous day where each person had thirty dollars worth of gold coins in their pockets which they would spend in a veritable frenzy of financial bliss on the zines. An economy based on 2000 x 30 seemed hopeful. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ok so I was out of action for a while... The problem is time.... Time is different for cats. I was fishing for sardines and while I was busy a lot of things changed... Like did some humans say they were the leaders of the free world? Oh really? Have they not heard that the leader of the free world is a cat. Not just one cat but all cats... And by the way cats can't use guns. So if they go to churches they usually just hang out and rub against peoples legs, or maybe sleep, or maybe purr.